B&W 805 D3

Due to the nature of Life, the Bedroom happens to be my centre of activity. In spite of what people say about the dichotomy of work and leisure, the two blend pretty well, extracurricularly. "Monster"-sized floorstanders would therefore not only seem like a midlife crisis insecurity about size (heh) for a boy on his thirties, … Continue reading B&W 805 D3

HiFiLust reviews the LP2020A

LP202A deconstructed by HiFiLust Cheap and efficient. Tube amps with terrible topography just can't hold a note to the brilliance of cheap Chinese engineering. Distorting just beyond a touch of nine on the dial, Lepy's LP2020A somehow outperforms the worst Chi-Fi tube amps in bit-perfect output. HiFiLust basks in the blue of an LP2020A Not … Continue reading HiFiLust reviews the LP2020A

Usher Audio s520 Book Shelf Speakers

Bottoming out aside, these speakers distort early. Not nearly enough for a contemporary enough sound.