HiFiLust reviews the LP2020A


LP202A deconstructed by HiFiLust

Cheap and efficient. Tube amps with terrible topography just can’t hold a note to the brilliance of cheap Chinese engineering.

Distorting just beyond a touch of nine on the dial, Lepy’s LP2020A somehow outperforms the worst Chi-Fi tube amps in bit-perfect output.


HiFiLust basks in the blue of an LP2020A

Not exactly…

…your father’s T-amp. The latest incarnation of the LP2020A is of the Yamaha YDA138 class D variety.


Yamaha Yonder made in Bukang

Volume at 11 barely drags into -69dB. Earth-shattering sound isn’t what you’ll get from this baby.

However, if you’d desire bit-perfect reproduction at low volumes, the LP2020A is, ahem, a cheap… the cheapest you’ll find.


Outputs that almost purr on HiFiLust from the LP2020A

Ooomphs of bass!!!

Available when bit-perfect is disabled, bass can be overwhelmingly DJesque with a press of a button and turn of a dial.

There isn’t a cheaper way we say.

HiFiLust on a cheap!!!



HiFiLust Verdict

Sound 3.5

Looks 2

Value-for-money 9.9

With bit-perfect bypass 2.8

For bass-heads after bypass 6.9

Death Star Vol Pot


2×20 watts RMS @ 4 ohms

THD <0.4%

20-20,000 kHz

SNR: >88 dB

Impedance 4 – 8 ohms


Innards of the LP2020A by HiFiLust.com

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