Usher Audio s520 Book Shelf Speakers

Bottoming out, these speakers distort early. Great Engineering,

from Usher Audio founded 1972, but not nearly enough for Rihanna’s We Found Love played with the volume dialled to 11.

We blew a woofer at extreme volumes 💥

Midrange Magic

A beautiful midrange does wonders yet hardly makes up for premature high range and low down break ups.

In spite of its party pooping demerits, the Ushers come into their own on acoustic, classical chamber, jazz ensemble and especially vocal programmes.

Female vocals have an ethereal well-balanced quality hardly bested by their unobtanium-based tweeter rivals. There was no gnash-your-teeth titanium razor blades on glossy glass treble harshness evident. Spanish Harlem an overplayed audiophile demo track is served with the seductive freshness Rebecca Pidgeon had in mind.

Baritones rule the midrange so it wasn’t surprising that Folks Who Live on the Hill by Michael Holliday had a holographic realness bettered only by a pair of Mistrals we’ve heard.

Sam Smith on Lay Me Down smoothly laid the butter down by my side. A little too close for comfort…


Usher has recently undergone a change of ownership. Quick replies from Taiwan central paint a positive light.

But a promised reply from the Singaporean (our regional) distributor still has not materialised. A blown left woofer thus cannot be replaced. To wit, this Singaporean doesn’t appear on the official distributor list from the Taiwanese Usher website.

In spite of admirable acoustic engineering to make up for bookshelf form factor limitations, HiFiLust cannot possibly recommend this speaker until Usher Audio improves its after-sales service.

We have redacted our scores in view of this fact.

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