If you’re ok with okay


These will power even your most demanding 300 ohm lovelies.

Slightly larger than your standard Malaysian box o’ mancis (or to you ‘Murricans, a book of matches).

However, with the advent of phones like the LG G6,

such portable amps are almost moot…

… being in that contemporary phones are equipped with DAC/amps that feed such expectations.

Still, if you’re game for such ancient artifacts as the xDuoo xq-10, you won’t be disappointed.

Hiss-less quality

HiFiLust turned the volume up to 13 and got no hissssssss from this standalone amp’s outputs.

High-impedance Headphones 🎧

Unfortunately, these wouldn’t run our Planar Headphones.

Considering Contemporary Cellphones

Verdict 5.1/10

Not recommended if your portable player or phone comes with built-in DAC+AMP.

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