Zorloo Aero Digital Earphones with outboard in-line audiophile DAC



Announced before the Great Removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from phones that occured just over a year ago, Zorloo’s innovative Z:ero (USD39) and now Aero Digital Earphones (USD89) have been way ahead of the curve.


Sporting universal micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning jack variants, your choice of smartphone or portable HiFi player dictates the type of cable by which you grab your Zorloo Aero.


Featuring an in-line top-of-the-line ESS Sabre DAC, this line (ahem) from Zorloo is a cut above the curve (ahem ahem). Zorloo was certainly prescient with regard to Apple’s and Android’s removal of the 3.5mm jacks.


Tune the Aeros to your type of Tune

The Aeros’ modular aluminum switchable earpieces are innovative. Instead of software-based or tiny-arsed leaving-you-wanting physical filters, one can happily detach and simply tune in to one’s preferred tuning by switching hardware-based customised drivers.


HearSwap by Zorloo. Available for the Aeros in Nostalgic, Acoustic, and Euphoric.


Covering the diverse music genres we drinkers of songs actually aurally appreciate, aside from the astoundingly amorphic acoustic audiophile usual suspects, these custom-tuned Zorloo Aero drivers are akin to breathtakingly bespoke (or accurately, sartorially made-to-measure) bringers of bountiful mellifluos joy.


Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your tastes, the Aeros ship with the Acoustic HearSwap drivers by default. So how do you know which Zorloo Aero driver tuning (sartorial joke again) suits your audiophile aspirations?


Hip Hop? Calypso? Jazz? Punk? Orchestral? Live Acoustic? Heavy Metal? Opera? Audio Books? R’n’B? Country? EDM? Chamber? Electronic? House?


Luckily, my Dear Readers, HiFiLust has the objective measured response curves and subjective listening reviews… after this jump! into the Zorloo Aeros first impressions below…

Fit and Formidable Finish

Most striking of all is the fit and finish. Snugly and comfortably do the Zorloo Aeros comfortably instil themselves in the ear.


Although the indiegogo finishes have included a multitude of garish colours and a lovely gunmetal for Acoustic, we were shipped precious shiny ship grey ones for both Euphoricand Nostalgic. Seafaring HMS Formidable battleship grey bling bling?

And we mean that in a good Audiophile aesthetic sense!


Colours now being gunmetal or metallic naval grey, the discriminative differentiation lies in the Zorloo Aeros’ notations of N, A, and E on the insides (of where the cable meets the housing).

Bass down LLLooowwwww


Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan, to give an oldie a spin, was represented in different ways by the Aeros‘ three custom-tuned drivers by Zorloo (for only USD89).

Acoustic HearSwap a live acoustic experience from the default Zorloo Aero HearSwap drivers. Attenuated high-end-ear-bleeding sharpness and tightly-controlled low-end, you would believe you were at a Live Acoustic Set with this midrange-empasising EQ’d drivers.


Euphoric HearSwap Bass Heads rejoice! With sub-bass extension these Zorloo Aero HearSwap drivers feature a Smiley-faced 😁 EQ with incomparable Bass Authority. Trashing more expensive competition like full-sized Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart Headphones (USD449.99) or the IEM issues like the undisputed King of Bass: Sony MDR-XB90EX Extra Bass Earbuds (USD482.26).

Nostalgic HearSwap Bass Heads rejoice! With tube true-to-life midrange magic these Zorloo Aero HearSwap Nostalgic modules will give you much love, even on the go. The closest we’ve heard to tube equipment in a highly portable package 📦.


Zorloo’s own Andy personally customised and approved the Zorloo Aero HearSwap modules. Not surprisingly, for a company whose products fulfil our exacting high standards, the Nostalgic HearSwap Zorloo Aero modules are our personal favourites, as they are Andy’s.


Hackable Hooters!!!


Although Zorloo couldn’t ship DAC-less cables, we modded a pair of our own pure silver cables lalala (sorry Andy of Zorloo).


All in the aim of testing the Aeros with Zorloo’s own ZuperDAC!


Tighter bum shaking bass and a sweeter high extension were our silver and myrrh rewards.







HiFiLust rating

HiFiLust heard and scored the Zorloo Aero Digital Earphone


  • Overall 9/10
  • Price USD89.00 10/10
  • Acoustic HearSwap 8.5/10
  • Euphoric HearSwap 8/10
  • Nostalgic HearSwap 9/10
  • with HiFiLust Pure Silver cables into Zorloo ZuperDAC
  • Acoustic 9/10 Euphoric 9/10 Nostalgic 10/10


Footnote for the Future

We hear whispers of a Zorloo ZuperDAC mk2 (though Andy being Andy of Zorloo, has been zzzzz mum on this). All we can say is it’s called the ZuperDAC-S.HiFiLust looks forward to the apocalyptic possibility of a Zorloo ZuperDAC v2. Apocalyptic to the likes of overpriced über-expensive underwhelming to our ears Dragonfly DACs and HiFiMan that ought to be shelved for good. hifilustKLCC

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