Heaven is Here

Here is where we are. The Now. The Here and Now.

Where high-end gear used to be out of reach to us mere mortals (even for a seasoned reviewer like myself), the recent proliferation of China-made products with more than respectable specifications have been a boon.

No longer do we have to mortgage the house, divorce the wife and shoot the dog to fulfil our ever-burning LUST for the holy grail in audio.

Whilst audiophiles are dichotomised by their subjective or objective beliefsears, we musn’t forget the initial fount of sound, the source of all audio—the humble Studio.

And nowhere has the story of well-designed circuits triumphing over aesthetics been more apparent than that very primordial beginning of all things audio. A steampunk’s orgasmic miasma of dreams, The Studio.

And of course, at the very beginning of the home Hi-Fi Stereo, the DIY audiophile reigned in the years before big brands hijacked The Sound.

However, the home audiophile has—if he hasn’t yet divorced the wife—the looks of his pieces to consider.

HiFiLust is your home-brewed cuppa that rivals the best baristas have to offer in Venice. Forget what you know from those glossy rags that pinch your pennies in their effort to drain your pound-filled wallet. We review the gamut of offerings, obscure and in-your-face mainstream, that the Audiophile Universe has.

This is where our ancestral audio past swirls in an eddy of delight with the future, right here in the melting pot that is the Isle of Penang, the present.

*Where Euterpe still holds a certain sway, far from the Aegean shores. Ah, Muse of Music.

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